Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Can I get married in the church?

A: When a couple are married in the church, we believe they are asking Christ to use the church to support and encourage them as their relationship grows and changes. For this reason, we only take part in weddings of those who are a part of our worship community.


Q: Can I use the church building for a function not related to the church?

A: Any member of our church is allowed to use the church for any function that does not turn a profit for free. The church belongs to all of us. We also make when possible the church available for nonprofit groups in our community for free if we are able. We want to share our building freely. There are calendar issues and some use restrictions and costs for larger groups. Please check out our Building Use Form and Guidelines and Calendar for availability.


Q: What does Messiah think about gay people?

A: We encourage you to talk to a pastor about questions of belief and views on current social issues or check out the ELCA website’s statement on Social Issues. You will find when investigating that Lutherans hold fast to the promise of grace and God’s love for all of the creation.


Q: How can I get a hold of a pastor?

A: Simply go to Contact Us and click on the link to the pastor you would like to talk with. They both answer their emails daily during the week.


Q: Do you have many activities to get my kids involved?

A: We have many activities for kids at Messiah. Raising children in the faith, and providing a community of love shaped like Christ are important parts of our mission. Please check out the Children’s Ministry on our website.


Q: How do I get my child baptized?

A: Anyone who wants to make a commitment raise their child in the church, the body of Christ in this world, can bring that child forward for baptism. We require for parents wishing to baptize their child and adults wishing to be baptized to attend an hour long class on baptism so that they are clear about the promises that are being made in this central ritual of the faith that we call a sacrament. Contact a pastor to find out more.


Q: If Adam and Eve were the first people, did they have belly buttons?

A: Great question. Our guess is no, they didn’t have any belly buttons.


Q: What should I wear if I come to church on Sunday?

A: Dress casually, if that is how you feel most comfortable. You will find many people dressed in jeans and shorts when you attend. If you are more comfortable wearing a tie, dress or suit, put that on. You won’t be alone, others wouldn’t think about coming to church in anything else. Most of all, simply come dressed the way that will allow you to be present for God who will meet you in worship.


Q: Who chooses the scripture that is read on Sundays?

A: Most Sundays we join with many other denominations, including Roman Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Episcopalians, Disciples of Christ and others and use the Revised Common Lectionary. The goal of the lectionary is to give a congregation a good overview of all scripture in a three year period. It is also a great sign of unity among God’s people when we all read the same scripture around the world in many different denominations.


Q: Why are there so many denominations and types of Christians?

A: While Lutherans celebrate the uniqueness that God has made us and the way our uniqueness can be expressed in the church we attend, we also grieve that the church, the body of Christ, is so divided and even hostile to each other. The ELCA sees as central to their mission, to be a bridge to other denominations. On an international level we are in formal conversations of understandings with Southern Baptists, Roman Catholics and more. Check out the progress of these conversations at ELCA website. Locally, Messiah works hand in hand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Reynoldsburg in our social ministries and joint worship opportunities. We want to break down the walls and misunderstandings that divide us so we can celebrate as one the love of God that has changed our life.


Q: How does the pastor choose a topic of a sermon?

A: Both our pastors preach from the scripture that is assigned for the week in the Revised Common Lectionary . They spend time in the week reading what scholars have to say about the lessons, pray over them and decide on a theme that speaks to the congregation that week. Once they find that theme, they build a sermon from there that will communicate it best to the diverse group that attend Messiah.


Q: What are the rates for our preschool?

A: Our preschool is not only excellent, it is a great value. Click to visit our Messiah Christian School website and get all your questions answered.


Q: Why is one of your pastors very good looking and the other only so/so?

A: Better genes.

Loving God… Loving Each Other!