Sanctuary Renewal

In December, we voted to move forward with an exciting concept for the renewal of our worship space. The architectural drawings presented to the congregation were the result of a busy year by a task force of our members assigned to listen to the congregation and research the best worship practices today. Since, the vote there has been even more work behind the scenes to do. From great discussions with our members in November and at our congregational meeting, we made some major changes to the drawings but still reflected the concepts put forward by the Sanctuary Task Force. We also decreased substantially the cost of the project. Great, new drawings of the project are now on display in our Narthex.

Now what? Council has appointed Brent Yekisa to lead a Commitment Leadership Group that council member Glenn Harris, Pat Speakman, Phyllis Sneed, and myself will serve. They will be sharing information in newsletters, house meetings, videos and more and gathering people in the months ahead to help us all become even more acquainted with the benefits for Messiah and our community of this renewal, and discern how we can support it. On Pentecost Sunday, we will have a celebration as we commit our resources for this new vision. By Pentecost the following year, we could be worshipping in this new space. This is a great time to be a part of the church as God keeps Messiah Moving Forward.
Peace, Pastor Karl

Messiah Sanctuary Renewal Web Presentation (Feb 14)