Sanctuary Renewal: Summer 2015 Update

All of the decisions have been made and the final plans have been completed for our Sanctuary Renewal. Thanks to the efforts of Geoff Campbell, Eric Blackburn and others, the permits have been turned into the city and we are awaiting approval before our hired contractors can begin. Over 125 families have contributed over $160,000 towards the project already, and we have confidence the remaining $20,000 committed will soon follow. Things are moving slower than we expected, but they are moving well without setback.

It is hard to say at this time when exactly work will begin, but we hope it will be in June. When work does begin in the Sanctuary, we will not worship in that space until the work is completed. Our contractors estimate the work will take about four months. In that time, we will worship in our Fellowship Hall and have our fellowship after worship in our Fritz Hall. This means, too, that we will not allow our Fellowship Hall to be “rented” by members or outside groups until the work is complete. Plans have been at work, too, to make our Fellowship Hall a great worship space for us in the interim. Be thankful for the leadership of Geoff Campbell during this process and for the generosity of many of our members that are making it all happen. We will provide a good gift for a generations of members at Messiah to come. Peace, Pastor Karl

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