Dedication of our Renewed Sanctuary

It has taken almost five years for our sanctuary renewal to move  from dream to reality. Renewing our sanctuary for another fifty years of meaningful worship is a great accomplishment. Something that has required so much time and wealth by our members deserves to be celebrated. We will do just that at 4:30 on Sunday, January 31. Our bishop, Suzanne Dillahunt will preside. Our Choirs and band will offer special music. Our brothers and sisters in Christ from St. Pius X will send their Senior Choir and Senior Pastor, Monsignor David Funk to our celebration. It will be a party. Afterward, we will gather for a meal together and to formally say thanks to all of the leaders who gave up significant time to make this big goal a reality. Mark your calendars today to come and celebrate the good things God is doing at Messiah.

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