Summer at Messiah

It is summer, well almost. To say that Messiah goes to sleep during the summer is far from accurate. While some ministries take a well deserved break, many continue to go strong while others begin. Here is a rundown of our summer activities.

Resting-All but one of our choirs take the summer off. After a great Pentecost and season of Easter worship, they deserve it. Messiah Night takes the summer off, but don’t worry Chef Marty is planning a great menu for the year ahead as are our education leaders for Messiah Night programming. Preschool is out for the summer, but we will be busy searching for a new preschool director with the retirement of Pat Hazelwood. Messiah will miss Pat and we are thankful for her hard work and innovative ideas. My bible studies, Wednesday morning and evening and Thursday morning are resting, too. This goes along with my two weeks of vacation I take in the summer time.

Going strongWorship is the one thing that doesn’t stop, ever. All of the volunteers and staff that give their time and talents for worship to be a good gift for God and for us, are working just as hard as ever. Worship Leader Michelle Tuozzo is gathering all combinations of our members for unique special music offerings, too, while our choirs rest this summer. The 8:00 and 9:30 service will even head outside a few times. There is no reason ever to miss worship if you are in town. Even sleeping in is allowed, as the 4:30 Worship on Sunday will provide a good place for you to praise God after a lazy summer morning. Sunday School too continues in the summer for children during the 9:30 worship. Our Quilters and Rebecca’s Circle still meet. All of our property concerns continue in the summer with the added responsibility of landscaping needs. Our office still hums, too, from 8:30 till 4:30, but our doors might be locked so bring your phone so we can come and open the door for you. None of our servant ministries take a break in the summer either, because the poor and people on the margins always need care. Joseph’s Coat, HEART and our meals served at First English, Faith on Eighth, Y Family Shelter and the Ronald McDonald House continue in the summer.

Cranking up in the summer-Our Senior Saints Choir become travelling singers, as they prepare secular and religious offerings for nursing homes and other venues during the summer. Young and old join the Saints who practice on Wednesday mornings as they prepare to share their good gift to an appreciative audience. Member and Counselor Roberta Johns is starting a new small group this summer after her class on Wednesday night, What do you want to be when you grow up? was so well received. Our Community Garden is providing a place to enjoy God’s creation and creative work for us and for our neighbors. And, hundreds of neighbors will find us as we host a monthly Produce Market at Messiah, working with HEART and Mid Ohio Foodbank to feed those whose incomes don’t stretch far enough to meet their basic needs. Our softball team, that plays on Monday nights, needs your support in the summer. Our youth will be heading out to two mission trips in June. And, the biggest ministry of the summer Vacation Bible School is on the last week of June. Our VBS is one the largest  in Reynoldsburg with almost 200 kids served by nearly 100 volunteers over the week.

This list is not exhaustive. I am sure I left some things out. Just be assured that though things are different in the summer, the pace is still going strong. So, enjoy the summer, but still find time to worship and serve the God who made us and hopes so much for us. Peace, Pastor Karl

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