Now Hiring: Messiah Children’s Minister

Messiah Children’s Minister


Broad Job Expectations: Encourage the spiritual growth of all children fifth grade and under at Messiah, including Messiah Christian School (MCS). Support and encourage parents at Messiah. Train and enable members of Messiah to lead, volunteer and serve in Children’s Ministry. Bring passionate, innovative enthusiasm to the staff and congregation at Messiah for Christ. Be a physical presence in MCS, to our staff, children and parents. Demonstrate a passion for ministering to a diversity of people and backgrounds. Envision and reimagine Children’s Ministry at Messiah.  

Educational Requirements:  Bachelors of Education, preferred. Early Childhood Major preferred.

Qualifications: Active volunteer in a Children’s Ministry program. Active part of a congregation, experienced at working with children, enjoys arts and crafts, experience managing and recruiting volunteers, has a desire to teach children and their families about the faith and share the love of Christ, has a desire to help parents fulfill the baptismal promises made at their child’s baptism (both at church and at home), has communication skills and an ability to utilize social media effectively.    

Compensation:  $25,000-$30,000, 50% discount for any of minister’s preschool children enrolled

Hours Required:  25-30 hours per week year round. Approximately 10 hours a week directly in the preschool. Approximately 15 hours a week leading Children’s Ministry. Hours include daytime, evening and weekends. No paid vacation but extended time off encouraged.

Responsible to: Direct Report-Senior Pastor, Reporting bodies-MCS Board, Church Council, Education Chair, Pastors

Direct Reports: Nursery staff

Ministries Responsible to Maintain

  • Sunday Morning Education for preschool and academic grades K-5, year round
    • Structure, room assignment, curriculum, volunteers, training, presence
  • Wednesday Evening Education/Activities, for preschool and academic grades K-5, September through May
    • Structure, room assignment, curriculum, volunteers, training, presence
  • Vacation Bible School, one week in the summer
    • Structure, planning, room assignment, curriculum, volunteers, training, presence, marketing
  • A minimum six, monthly Servant/Fellowship Activity,  for preschool and grades K-5, for example: Food Pantry, Christmas caroling, etc.
  • Plan and manage Children’s Christmas program
  • Maintain and expand programs and rituals that help our parents keep their baptismal promises to raise their child in the faith, cf. entering Sunday School, First Bible, First Communion.
  • Maintain and expand those programs/events that bring together our preschool and church, cf. Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Bunny, Children’s Sunday, Blessing of Students/Teachers, Rally Day
  • Nursery Staff Hiring, Scheduling and Training. Nursery maintenance
  • Child Safety Policy maintained
  • Weekly Messiah Staff Meeting, Tuesday 1:30 pm
  • Monthly Youth and Children’s Ministry Staff Meeting
  • Monthly Children’s Sermon in worship at 9:30 and 11:00
  • Role in preschool
    • Plan opportunities for work together with the MCS Director
    • Attend all staff meetings and luncheons, parent meetings, evening music events, open houses
    • Create and lead a weekly chapel ministry as a special for our preschool, that monthly involves the pastors
    • Work as an aid to the preschool a few hours a week, as time allows, duties to be worked out with MCS Director
    • Plan weekly with MCS Director for opportunites to expose the preschool ministry to the congregationa and the congregation to the preschool
    • Maintain office in the Administrative offices of the preschool
  • Look for new ways to minister to children and their families for example:
    • Parent’s night out
    • Mom’s morning out
    • Exercise class mommy and me
    • Preschool children presentations to Senior Luncheon
    • Integrate families from all worship services into Children’s Ministry


Please submit your resume and cover letter to Pastor Liz Lowry: pastorliz@messiahlutheran. net


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