New Sermon Series: Tattoos on the Heart, by Father Greg Boyle

Pastor Thadd and I are excited to be starting a new sermon series this Sunday that will go throughout July. Weekly we will be using different chapters of the book Tattoos on the Heart, by Father Greg Boyle to lift up themes of the nature of God, the power of shame, the narrowness of community and the unique understanding of Christian success. I would encourage all of our members to read this book in the month of July to hear great stories from Father Boyle’s 20 plus years ministering to neighborhoods in LA dominated by gangs. They are so well told. I promise they will make you laugh, cry and grow in your hopefulness for God’s world. On Wednesday nights in July at 6, we will discuss a chapter of the book in a class where everyone will have a chance to share their reaction. Come, grow with us as we share the power of Father Boyle’s good ministry. Peace, Pastor Karl

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