Welcome to Messiah Night!

All are welcome to a free buffet dinner at 5:30pm followed by activities for everyone!

For Youth:

Kindergarten – 5th Grade (6:30pm)

Come for worship, Bible story, games and crafts! Take a break from all the school work and have some fun with our Children’s Minister, Betsy Barkalow!

Confirmation: 6th-8th Grade (6:30pm)

Learn more about our faith, play games and hang out! Led by our Confirmation Minister, Jim Diehm.

For Adults:

Whole Again (6:00pm)
For those grieving the death of a loved one, the loss of relationship or any loss in their lives. Led by Lois Beery, all are welcome as we talk, share, listen, read, and do activities that lead us in the way of feeling “Whole Again.”

Faith on the Move (6:30pm)
Join Pastor Karl in a series looking at Bible Stories about people of faith who moved from one place to another. The Bible is rich with stories of outsiders often being rejected and just as often being warmly welcomed. Our world is on the move and new people are constantly coming to our communities. We can learn from scripture the power of love to lead us into community, but also the power of fear to lead us away from God’s hope. Come grow with us.

FaithWalk (6:30pm)
What are we struggling with this week? How do we see God working in our lives? Join Pastor Liz as we discuss a different topic each week along with Scripture. Our first series will look at: Gratitude, Perfectionism, Acceptance, and Vulnerability.

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