Joseph’s Coat Relocation Proposal

Joseph’s Coat is currently looking for a new home to house their ministry. They have contacted Messiah in hopes to return their ministry to the property at 1160 Waggoner Road, our former parsonage. They wish to raise funds on their own to build a new facility on that property. Our Council would like to hear from our congregation about this opportunity. Joseph’s Coat began as a clothing ministry in 1998 in the garage at 1160 on our campus to meet the needs of homeless families. They later expanded to include furniture and household goods to provide stabilizing resources to families transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. It would be exciting to welcome them home. We want to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns and ideas about this proposal of welcoming back Joseph’s Coat.

Please refer to the link: Proposal For Joseph’s Coat

Here is a recording of a presentation on this proposal with questions from some of our members. Please view to be more informed.

The congregational vote is scheduled for December 13, 2020 after the 11:00 a.m. service. Language of the congregational agreement will be Messiah congregation empowers the Church Council to continue negotiations with Joseph’s Coat.

7 thoughts on “Joseph’s Coat Relocation Proposal”

    Coat is certainly doing God’s work here using
    our hearts, hands, feet, and resources. What’s even
    better, it is a success story made possible by many
    denominations working together. Joseph’s Coat is
    serving so many more individuals and families than we
    could have even imagined back when it was started, and
    the needs keep growing. Joann Barrett founded Joseph’s
    Coat based on faith and a need she saw. Many believed it
    couldn’t happen. We need to have that same faith now
    and continuing to work with many others in the community
    allow Joseph’s Coat to have a permanent home back on
    the property where it was started.

    1. Thanks Nancy for your support and enthusiasm, although neither comes as a surprise to me! I too think it is a good thing for the community and for our church. Welcoming Joseph’s Coat to our campus will make clear to our neighbors who we are and what we are passionate about.

  2. 1) Is 1160 still mortgaged either as part of the MIF loan or with Park National Bank?
    2) I thought 1160 already was annexed into Reynoldsburg
    3) Is the property zoned Commercial?
    4) Is there a timeline to make all of this happen?

    1. Great questions Ron. Thank you.
      1160 is still mortgaged and currently we owe approximately $38,000. The mortgage is the original 30 year loan taken out when it was purchased in the 90’s.
      1160 has not been annexed into Reynoldsburg. We have been working on this regardless of whether this passes or not. We want to be in a good position to get water to the property if they expand the road and we are given an opportunity.
      I believe, but I am not sure it zoned Z3, which is the same as the church. I do know I was told by the Director of Planning for Reynoldsburg, who has worked with us and Joseph’s Coat on this that it has the right zoning currently and would not have to be rezoned.
      The timeline is in Joseph’s Coat lap. In my presentation I lay out my best guess. If we approve, then they would begin serious plans to raise money for the project. Their plan had been, but it could have changed to raise half the money and borrow the other half. Once they raise the money, they would get final plans for the building and be in a position to purchase the property. At that point we would have a second vote at Messiah. After the second vote, they could begin building. My guess, as an outsider in the their deliberations is no ground would be broke in 2021, but it could in 2022.

  3. I think it’s a wonderful idea. It will enhance the reputation of Messiah as well as help our neighborhood in Reynoldsburg. I’m all for it.

  4. My husband and I have believed in this ministry ever since it was started in the 90s as Joann Barrett s great vision. When I talk to people in need most if not all know of this ministry that extends even into Columbus. Absolutely remarkable and I’m sure Jesus is in favor of its expansion. I’m just curious with so many denominations that have joined to help out run the ministry if they will also have any financial interest in proceeding with these plans? I have read the proposal and I’m still not sure exactly who is representing Joseph’s Coat? I guess what I am asking is who will own this ministry with so many denominations currently involved? Thanks for helping to clarify this and God bless this ministry

    1. Hi Theresa
      Great questions. I apologize for not getting to them earlier. I am not receiving a notice that someone posted a question as I used to be. To clarify about Joseph’s Coat leadership, they are an independent 501c3, non profit ministry, like HEART Food Pantry. They have a board and a few employees. We have been dealing with two members of their board, President Kelly Ours (sp?) and Vice President Marshall Fisher (Messiah member). The board makes the decisions for the organization. Their support, financial and resources, comes not only from about six or seven churches but also from local businesses, grants, etc…Only a few churches, St. Pius and Messiah for example, give substantially from their offering plates weekly. We give about $1000 a month. However, our $12,000 a year is just a small part of their budget which I guess is near $200000 a year.

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