Good Things for the Fall

From the pastor…

As fall begins at Messiah, good things are happening.

Pastor Liz is leading a group that will help clean, paint and do minor repairs on the new house at 1180 Waggoner Road in order for ministry to begin there before the end of the year. The council approved the use of 1180 for ministry in their September meeting. They relied on the work of a wonderful task force led by member Tim Thompson. The house is dusty and bruised but it is structurally sound. By focusing on just a few rooms, we should be able to create a very large meeting space and several storage rooms quickly.  Member Andy Moore has agreed to lead a year long renovation of the house that will include landscaping around it to both beautify and keep water out of the crawl space, a walking path from the Welcome Center to the house, and a renovated bathroom. Much of the landscaping has already been improved by the hard work of Sam Hessler and Andy Moore. Please say yes when Andy calls to ask for help. The first group to use the space will be our Wednesday night Confirmation gathering and Sunday night High School gathering. We have hopes for other groups to join them at 1180 in the coming year.

We had a concerted effort this summer to pump some energy into Messiah Night. Fellowship Chair Lois Beery worked with Chef Martin West to tweak the menu so that there will be even more crowd favorites at our meal. Children’s Minister Betsy Barkalow, new to Messiah Night, worked with Children’s Choir Director Lori Hitsman to roll the VIP practice into a really cool 15 minute worship service at the start of the programming at 6:30. The school aged kids then go on to two stations one a craft and the other a bible story. Pastor Liz has will lead a year long group that will emphasize spiritual practices for a life long faith journey. Confirmation leader Jim Diehm moved Confirmation to Wednesday nights. This allows for our 6th through 8th graders to meet weekly, form stronger bonds and have greater opportunity to grow their faith. It has also brought more families to Messiah Night. Betsy, Lois and Pastor Liz have worked at reaching out to our Preschool families, inviting them with new signage that greets them in the Welcome Center, and flyers sent home. We have already had several families show up to eat with us. Pastor Liz created a mailer for our neighbors in Reynoldsburg Estates, inviting them to come and eat with us, too. To date at least one family has responded to that mailer. All of this has made for a hectic time for our chef. With increased attendance at our meal, Chef Marty is need of more volunteers. If you have anytime to share to help in the kitchen or clean up afterward on Tuesday or Wednesday, please contact me.

Nothing happens at Messiah without leaders and volunteers. I give thanks daily for your hard work in supporting the ministries that make a difference. One of our leaders is stepping down this month, Fellowship Chair Lois Beery. Lois started as a co chair with her good friend Cindy Owens. Cindy had to step down in the spring and at the time Lois promised to stay through the summer to launch Messiah Night. The nearly five years of hard work these ladies have given Messiah has made a positive difference in our life together. Personally, for me, they were wonderful and enthusiastic to work with. I look forward to the new gifts  that Lois and Cindy will be bringing to Messiah. I also pray for a new leader for our Fellowship group that is just as passionate to see us grow closer together in Christ. If you want to talk more about this, please contact me.

I love being in ministry with you.

Peace, Pastor Karl

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