From the Pastor – January 2015

I am thankful for brothers and sisters in Christ in Reynoldsburg that have helped me grow as a pastor. Pastor John’s earnestness (Reynoldsburg Missionary Alliance), Pastor Linda’s peaceful and positive presence (Vineyard Christian Church), Pastor George’s faithful leadership (East Livingston Baptist Church), Pastor Aaron’s enthusiasm (Simple Church), Pastor Dave’s wisdom and generosity (Vineyard Church), Pastor Dion’s willingness to challenge his faith (Reynoldsburg Church of Christ) and Pastor Jeff’s passion for outreach (Reynoldsburg United Methodist) have all inspired and encouraged me. Many know that I have a special friendship with Monsignor David Funk at St. Pius X Roman Catholic. There are few men I know who are more pastoral or loving than David. We are rich in this community with good pastoral leaders.

While I grieve that Christ’s church is not united, I celebrate the variety of blessings that all these men and women bring. Their unique voices help me hear Christ’s voice differently and more clearly. While I don’t agree with any of them on every theological or ecclesiastical point, I trust all of them to share Christ’s light through their ministry. What we all agree on is that the church is called to bear God’s message of love and reconciliation to our fractured world. Our work together at HEART and Joseph’s Coat is just one example of how God’s love moves us the same. Let’s celebrate the richness of God’s expression in the church while praying for even greater unity. Monsignor Funk and I have planned a day of worship, study and fellowship for Christian Unity. On
Sunday, January 18 at 2:30, we will gather in Messiah’s sanctuary for a thirty minute worship service
that will be led by the chancel choirs of St Pius X and Messiah. At 3:15, Professor Joy Schroeder (Trinity
Lutheran Seminary) and Professor Jared Wick (Pontifical College Josephinum) will lead an hour long
discussion on the work they are doing for a special worldwide dialogue between the Roman Catholic and
Lutheran traditions and hearing our questions and hopes. At 4:30, we will share light snacks and hearty

Mark Sunday, January 18, 2:30-5:00 on your calendar now. It will be a day to celebrate the very special
relationship we have had for decades at Messiah with our Roman Catholic friends. The new ways that
relationship has grown with our joint ministry at Joseph’s Coat and our hope for continued ministry and
sharing with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. While our constant prayer is for unity, we celebrate
today the good work we can do together.


Pastor Karl

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