Worship at Messiah

Virtual Worship

A pandemic won’t stop Messiah Lutheran Church from great live worship on 11 AM Sunday Morning. Join us virtually at our Facebook page link Messiah Lutheran Church Reynoldsburg. for great music and message. We are a cross shaped community as close together now as ever.

Outdoor Worship

9:00 AM Sunday morning bring a lawn chair or stay in your car to enjoy a great worship that included Holy Communion. Worshipers gather in the grass around our shelter house. Wear a mask. Dress for the weather. Bring your own lawn chair. Ushers will help you find a safe space six feet apart. We will broadcast the worship to an FM channel so you can stay in your car, too if you choose. We will continue this into October or as long as the weather and cold temperatures make it reasonable.

Indoor Worship

11:00 AM in our sanctuary you are invited to our indoor worship service. We are following all CDC guidelines to make this service as safe as possible in the midst of the pandemic. We have added filters to our HVAC system and adjusted the air flow. All worshipers will wear masks, sign in for contact tracing, be safely socially distanced and not speak or sing during worship to limit chance of spread. We will serve communion but in a way that limits the chances of community spread of Covid-19. It is not how we planned to worship in 2020, but it is surely God’s hope that we continue to worship. Come and join us.

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