Children’s Minister Michelle Miefert is leaving us.

From the pastor…

I have surprising and disappointing news for our Messiah community. Our Children’s Minister Michelle Miefert has resigned effective October 1, 2016. Though she has only been with us one year, she has already impacted our life together. Her task was to bring our preschool ministry and children’s ministry together,. She started us on that road. Preschool families have shown up in greater number to Messiah Night, Children’s Sunday, Breakfast with the Bunny and just yesterday at our Rally Day Picnic. We have more students from Messiah and more members on staff and as volunteers in our preschool. Michelle came to us when our preschool was healthy and the changes she has made in just one year leave it even healthier. Less changes had begun with our children’s ministry, but we were starting to see a new direction that welcomed families and encouraged their efforts to raise their children in faith. Everyone who encountered Michelle this year has been drawn in by her positive nature, smile, concern and love of children and families. She will be missed.

Now what to do ? Some decisions have already been made. Because the new preschool year has already begun, the Preschool Board asked that we separate Michelle’s position and hire a preschool director as soon as possible. They were encouraged to do this because we have a very qualified candidate on staff, Lisa Powers, our Assistant Preschool Director for seven years. The Preschool Board worked out a contract for Lisa and has submitted this and a job description to Council for their approval. Council meets on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

If Council approves this, then we will need to hire a Children’s Minister. We need someone innovative, responding to the changing needs of families in our church, but also committed to the task of drawing together  our  church and the preschool. Pastor Liz will gather a group of active parents to hear their ideas about this position and create a job description to accomplish this. We will wait to hear from them in the coming weeks.

This is not the news I was hoping to share about our Children’s Ministry. At the start of our second year under Michelle’s leadership, I was happy with the progress and direction. However, I am confident that we can continue the good work Michelle began and best serve the families of this congregation and our community. Please keep all of this in your prayers. Peace, Pastor Karl

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  1. I was sorry to hear that Michelle is leaving messiah. I feel very confident that the preschool will continue to move forward under Lisa’s leadership. She is very dedicated to MCS! I also believe Messiah will find the right person to lead our childrens ministry so the children of our church families will continue to grow in their faith and God’s love!

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