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A Holy Spirit Led Church

This meditation is based on

John 16:12-15

Scholars believe that the book of John, one of four in the bible that tells the story of Jesus, was written a generation after Jesus was gone, around 90 AD.  If Jesus was crucified around 33 AD, this would mean that most of the people that actually saw Jesus, walked with him, were taught by him would be dead sixty years later when the book of John would have been completed.  In fact, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the four books of the bible devoted solely to the story of Jesus, were all written around the time that the first generation of believers were dying.  These stories were put down on paper because there were fewer and fewer people who could share their first hand knowledge with others. Continue reading A Holy Spirit Led Church

Birthday of the Church

This meditation is based on:

Acts 2:1-21 and John 14:8-17, 25-27.

Pentecost is the traditional birthday of the church.  On this day the Holy Spirit, God’s love and presence in this world, gathered and made the disciples of Jesus one.  When the Holy Spirit landed on these believers, nothing, not language nor cultural identity, possibly not even a differing of beliefs, could separate God’s people.   What unites us as church is far greater and bigger than anything that can separate us. Yet, often what separates seems much more powerful and intractable. I believe this is because our vision of church is often much smaller than God’s vision of the body born on Pentecost Sunday. Continue reading Birthday of the Church

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