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David and Goliath

This podcast is a discussion between Pastor Thadd and Pastor Karl on the David and Goliath story in I Samuel 17.  It is one of five discussions on David’s life we will post in the season of Lent.  We are using the book Leap Over A Wall, by Eugene Peterson to add to our conversation.  May this be a good part of your Lenten Journey.

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Mountaintop Moments

This sermon is based on the Transfiguration story in Matthew 17:1-9.

The day starts just like any other day.  The three heavy hitters of the disciples are heading up a mountain with Jesus, not anticipating at all that this day would be different.  Suddenly, Jesus changed physically in a way that Matthew has trouble explaining.  He glowed so bright it was like looking into the sun.  His clothes became so white it was like you had washed them thirty times in bleach.  Even more amazing two men appeared who Peter, James and John knew instantly to be Elijah and Moses, Old Testament heroes.  They were talking to Jesus, right there in front of them.

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Living in Abundance

It is interesting where you find yourself in the midst of certain texts.  This text brought me back to the summer of 2003. I had just finished working at summer camp in Wisconsin. I had met an amazing woman (who would eventually become my wife), but she was headed back to college in Minnesota and I was headed back to college in Indiana. We adopted these verses as a way to try and convince us that we wouldn’t worry about the distance that separated us. Although to be honest, I’m not sure these words stopped me from worrying. This text did not keep me from worrying that some tall, blonde Norwegian hunk would catch her eye when she got back to school. This text didn’t keep me from worrying that we would only see each other once in the next couple of months. This text didn’t keep me from worrying that our schedules would be too busy for us to even talk to one another all that often.

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Who is my enemy?

The text for this sermon is Matthew 5:38-48.

Who is my enemy?  If you are like me, you might have trouble coming up with a name. I mean, I really don’t have anyone that I would call an enemy. I suppose as an American I have America’s enemies, but even they are harder to pin down.  George Bush tried to give them a name, Islamo-Fascists-Terrorists, but it never caught on.  It doesn’t really roll off of the tongue like commies did back in the good old days. Continue reading Who is my enemy?

Lives of Salt and Light

The scripture for this sermon is Matthew 5:13-16.

I heard a number of years ago about a man that died of a heart attack on an airplane flight. Everyone on board was in a panic.  Some were trying to help the guy, but one man that did not enter the mayhem turned out to be a doctor.  When asked why, he said that malpractice suits being the way they are, he just didn’t think it was worth the risk.  Continue reading Lives of Salt and Light

My Witness on Giving

Every year I try to get a member to talk about their giving honestly to the congregation.  The ones I ask are not our largest givers, but those that have impressed me by their faithfulness.  I asked one man who had lost his job but throughout his unemployment, with a family, mortgage and all the rest, still gave faithfully to the church. He was forced to give less, which he told me regretfully. Frankly worried, I asked if it was the right thing to do.   He said if he stopped giving it would be like saying God had abandoned him and this is not what he believed at all.  Continue reading My Witness on Giving

Receiving Time As A Gift

The text for this sermon is Matthew 3:13-17.

We are in the midst of the Sermon Series that encourages all of us to reconsider our priorities and commit in 2011 to living full and whole lives of faith.  To do so not only pleases God, but leads to a purpose driven life that is exactly what God hoped for us at our baptism.  Last week, we talked about sharing our talents generously with God’s world.  Today, I want us to think about how we are to consider the time that we are given on this earth.  Continue reading Receiving Time As A Gift