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I am the Gate, John 10:1-10

The scripture for this sermon is from John 10:1-10.

Jesus said, I am the gate. The gate Jesus has in mind is the gate for an enclosure of sheep. Farmers in Jesus’ day penned their sheep next to the house, with only one entrance into the pen, the gate. We start understanding this metaphor by thinking about what gates do. When I was six someone left our gate open allowing George, a beagle mix, to escape the yard. We didn’t know George was exploring the neighborhood until a neighbor ran to our house to tell us that he had been hit on the next street over. As a family, we ran and picked up George’s body from the street and carried him home, where he died. Gates protect what is inside the fence from what might be outside the fence. Continue reading I am the Gate, John 10:1-10

Psalm 25 Humble me God

The sermon for this text is Psalm 25:1-10

3 Let none who look to you be put to shame; rather let those be put to shame who are treacherous.

I have been reading this text for about two weeks now and this is the line that keeps catching my eye. What David is saying to God, is that if someone has to go down, please make it the jerk over there, because I am one of the good guys. Continue reading Psalm 25 Humble me God

Sunday Sermon Series

In the gospel of John, Jesus makes several “I Am” statements to reveal who he is to us and to our world. Join us through the season of Lent as we explore these statements and what they mean for our lives.

February 18: The Bread of Life
February 25: The Light of the World
March 4: The Door
March 11: The Way, the Truth, the Life
March 18: The Resurrection and the Life

To Whom We Belong

Paige and I have gone to quite a few rock concerts in our life together. All of them though do the same thing near the end of the concert. They shout, speak or mumble into the microphone, “You’ve been great. We love you Columbus.” This is something a rock star says without really meaning it. I don’t think they are lying. They don’t actually hate us. I just don’t think there is any chance on our part of taking him or her up on what seems like an offer of a relationship. Can you imagine showing up at the front gate of Springsteen’s mansion in New Jersey and telling the guard why you are there. “Just tell Bruce, it’s Karl out here. He’ll know me. He should, he’s told me he loves me in four different cities now.” Continue reading To Whom We Belong

Christmas Eve Worship

Join us for one of four wonderful Christmas Eve Worship Services. All four give opportunities to hear wonderful music, be served Christ’s meal, and light a candle for Christ while singing Silent Night. Make worship the center of your Christmas celebrations.

Come thirty minutes before any of our Christmas Eve worship services to hear great music offerings by choirs and soloists. 





Staying Awake with Jesus

Staying awake is hard for me when my body tells me it is time to be done, especially when I am driving. When I worked nights at Roadway, I used to drive home in the morning after a thirteen hour shift with the windows down and my head hanging out. This was the only way I could stay awake. However, when I have had to stay awake driving late into the night returning from a vacation, if Paige is next to me talking, I do fine. Staying awake is hard for me if my body is telling me to shut down, but it is definitely much easier if I stay awake with somebody. Continue reading Staying Awake with Jesus

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Bring your children, grandchildren, neighbors or friends to Messiah on Saturday, December 2 from 9:00 until 11:00 AM. Breakfast will be served throughout the morning, Christmas crafts can be made by children, Mrs. Claus will share a story with everyone and best of all Santa in his big red chair will be here to hear your child’s wishes and give opportunity for pictures to be taken. We will have a complimentary picture too, from a professional photographer given to everyone. Come, enjoy the fun of Christmas in a child’s eyes.

Reformation Then, Now and Always

Martin Luther was a very serious  and learned German monk. Sometime in the 1510’s, while he was in his early thirties he was assigned to the Wittenberg University in Germany to be an Old Testament scholar. The university was in the Cathedral of Wittenberg, The cathedral had a lot of priests but they had no one assigned to be the priest for the people, to preach, hear confessions, baptize, commune, etc…They assigned this task to the serious young monk and Old Testament professor, Luther. Continue reading Reformation Then, Now and Always