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Commitment Sunday, January 27

Members grow in your faithful giving this year at Messiah Lutheran Church and enable our body of Christ to be strong and healthy.  Come joyfully to worship on January 27 and commit to sharing your financial resources at whatever level that you are able.

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The Fourth King

The first thing you have to do when you are writing a sermon is figure out a theme. What am I going to be preaching on this week? Thursday morning I decided that my theme would be that there were four kings not three. Right when I landed on that, Phyllis Sneed sent me an email saying, see you Sunday and don’t forget there were four kings not three. What? I thought that’s crazy. How did she know what I was thinking? The next line said the fourth one had fruitcake and Mary and Joseph sent him away. Continue reading The Fourth King

The Wilderness

The wilderness is terrifying, dark, unknown, thick with ominous possibilities. John the Baptist knew wilderness. His father Zechariah promised God he would raise him in the wilderness. The dry, desert area around the Jordan as it nears its mouth at the Sea of Galilee, was home for twenty something year old John. John the Baptist was overtaken by the wilderness, wearing not the common robe of his day but an animal hide, and eating food fit for an animal, honey and insects. This frightening depiction of John is the cloak of wilderness that seemed a part of his DNA. Continue reading The Wilderness

Lazarus Come Out

Mary said, Lazarus…come out. Her heart was broken the day of his funeral. Wealthy, they could afford to pay professional mourners to wail and carry on at her younger brother’s cave like tomb. Yet, even the best and most experienced mourner was not crying as hard as Mary. Her brother drove her crazy. Younger, but always bossy like he was in charge. When he was a child she couldn’t keep him out of her stuff. As an adult, she couldn’t keep his nose out of her business. Lazarus had opinions about her marriage, her husband, how often she visited their mother, how much she fed her children and even which of her three tunics she should wear to their sister’s wedding. But, oh how she treasured the concern and care beneath his bossiness and opinions. Maybe more than anyone else in the world, Lazarus loved her. She knew this. Now, he was dead. Gone. Lazarus…come out.    Continue reading Lazarus Come Out

Mark 10:35-45 Scrub the Jerk Out of Us

Let’s just get it out there, the Sons of Zebedee look like jerks in our scripture from Mark. If you don’t think so, then explain why Luke who used nearly all of Mark’s gospel word for word when he wrote his own gospel of Jesus, conveniently left this story out. Explain why Matthew, who also copied much of Mark, added another character when he told this story. The Sons of Zebedee’s mother asked Jesus for the best seats in the coming Kingdom of God for her boys, not James and John. Why did Matthew and Luke do this? Because they didn’t want to make two of the most important disciples of Jesus look like jerks. Continue reading Mark 10:35-45 Scrub the Jerk Out of Us