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From the Pastor — February 2015

The season of Lent begins in February. Ash Wednesday is February 18. This important service launches us into the heart of Lent around the themes of repentance and humility. Of course we don’t need Lent to repent our sins. Christians are always called to repentance, which means to turn direction, from the wrong path that leads away from God to the right path that leads to God. It is hard to face up to our true self, which is why so few take the Lenten journey. It is sort of like looking in the mirror as we age. The reflection is not how we imagine ourselves. Yet, if we do have the courage of reflection and repentance,then we can hear the Good News of Easter with fresh ears. There is no reason for despair. Our reflection, as offensive as it might seem to us, is seen only with hope and promise by God. God is not done with us yet! Continue reading From the Pastor — February 2015