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Adult Study: Mark 4-21-32

Mark 4:21-32

Proverbs and Parables


  • The subject of the teachings of chapter 4 is how do we have a fruitful faith that survives and grows to harvest rather than one that bears no fruit. What are some of the answers and wisdom provided by all of these teachings?
  • We become the sower in this second part of chapter four. We are responsible for scattering the seed. What are the reasons we are not faithful in the “simple” task of sharing the Word?
  • Where/when have you seen the “Word” that you have sown seem not to take, but you are trusting something is happening in the ground?
  • Luke and Matthew change the mustard bush to a tree. What seems lost in this change from the point that Jesus wanted to make? How has the Church/Christendom lost the point of this teaching?

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