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God’s Generous Love

It seems odd that a parable about labor relations would come up in our lectionary on this tumultuous week in Reynoldsburg. I don’t think there is much here for our Board of Education and teachers to use in their ongoing negotiations, except the encouragement in all things be generous. It is really not a tutorial about management and labor , rather it is a lesson to help us get our head around God’s generosity. Continue reading God’s Generous Love

Dealing with Problems in a Church

The text for the sermon today is Matthew 18:15-20 (NRSV).

In the original Greek of this text from Matthew, Jesus doesn’t start by saying if a member of your church sins against you.  What he says is if a brother sins against you.  The translator is correct that Jesus is talking about a brother in Christ, not a brother in blood. What is lost by leaving brother out of the translation is the notion that Jesus expected our churches to look like families. Churches were not to be just a gathering of people who want to worship God on Sunday then go on with their lives.  They were to be full of people who were deeply connected to each other the same as brothers and sisters. Continue reading Dealing with Problems in a Church