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Cry Tears of Joy

This meditation is based on Luke 7:36-50.

What makes you cry?  Once, on an episode of the Simpsons, Bart was skateboarding and got hit by a car.  His mom was hysterical and I started crying with her.  Something silly and dumb happened next, so it didn’t last long but still the Simpsons made me cry.  Not many people can say that.

For me, all sorts of things bring on tears. When I dislocated my shoulder I cried because it hurt.  When I attended my Aunt’s funeral, I cried because I was sad.  When one of my kids was hurt I cried because they hurt.  Sometimes, I’ll cry just because I am overwhelmed.  Honestly, I think this is what happened when Bart Simpson got hit by a car. It isn’t that I was worried about a cartoon character. The TV sadness triggered some deep sadness inside of me.

The woman in our story today must have been really good at crying.  Continue reading Cry Tears of Joy

A Holy Spirit Led Church

This meditation is based on

John 16:12-15

Scholars believe that the book of John, one of four in the bible that tells the story of Jesus, was written a generation after Jesus was gone, around 90 AD.  If Jesus was crucified around 33 AD, this would mean that most of the people that actually saw Jesus, walked with him, were taught by him would be dead sixty years later when the book of John would have been completed.  In fact, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the four books of the bible devoted solely to the story of Jesus, were all written around the time that the first generation of believers were dying.  These stories were put down on paper because there were fewer and fewer people who could share their first hand knowledge with others. Continue reading A Holy Spirit Led Church