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Stay in the Boat

The text for this sermon is Matthew 14:22-33.

A seminary professor wrote in a cranky sort of way that  generally pastors preach a motivational sermon about taking risks using this this text. Our general theme is Get out of the boat. Wow. Did I feel convicted when I read that. When we were building our new fellowship hall and welcome center, I used this text for exactly that purpose. We even once did a sermon series based on this text, using a book by popular Christian author John Ortberg as a reference. The title of Ortberg’s book? If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat.   Continue reading Stay in the Boat

Following the Law

The text for this sermon is Romans 8:3-4

There are some who follow our speed limit laws to the letter and others that take them as mere suggestions. I actually am one of those who follows carefully the speed limit laws…but I always go five miles over if I can. Which is really pretty much following the law. I mean if I go exactly 70 on that stretch of highway between Columbus and Cleveland, I will be that loser that everyone is passing. I am just irritating people, that can’t be good. And really, what police officer is going to stop me for going 75 on a beautiful dry day. So, I consider going 75 in a 70 actually following the law. Continue reading Following the Law