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Lazarus Come Out

Mary said, Lazarus…come out. Her heart was broken the day of his funeral. Wealthy, they could afford to pay professional mourners to wail and carry on at her younger brother’s cave like tomb. Yet, even the best and most experienced mourner was not crying as hard as Mary. Her brother drove her crazy. Younger, but always bossy like he was in charge. When he was a child she couldn’t keep him out of her stuff. As an adult, she couldn’t keep his nose out of her business. Lazarus had opinions about her marriage, her husband, how often she visited their mother, how much she fed her children and even which of her three tunics she should wear to their sister’s wedding. But, oh how she treasured the concern and care beneath his bossiness and opinions. Maybe more than anyone else in the world, Lazarus loved her. She knew this. Now, he was dead. Gone. Lazarus…come out.    Continue reading Lazarus Come Out