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Fourth Grade First Communion

February 4 at the 9:30 Worship Service, we will be celebrating with our children and parents as they come to the Lord’s Supper for the first time. There are three first communion classes the children have completed, 9:30 AM Sundays, January 14, 21, 28 in Fritz Hall. If you would like your child to attend just contact the church office at  Any child fourth grade or over is welcome.

They are always so excited with this early step in their long faithful baptismal journey. Come and celebrate with them!

To Whom We Belong

Paige and I have gone to quite a few rock concerts in our life together. All of them though do the same thing near the end of the concert. They shout, speak or mumble into the microphone, “You’ve been great. We love you Columbus.” This is something a rock star says without really meaning it. I don’t think they are lying. They don’t actually hate us. I just don’t think there is any chance on our part of taking him or her up on what seems like an offer of a relationship. Can you imagine showing up at the front gate of Springsteen’s mansion in New Jersey and telling the guard why you are there. “Just tell Bruce, it’s Karl out here. He’ll know me. He should, he’s told me he loves me in four different cities now.” Continue reading To Whom We Belong

Come Serve With Us!

Get your hair net on and come serve with us. Every week, Messiah comes together to be the hands of feet of Christ and serve a meal at a local shelter or inner city church in Columbus. We have room for you to volunteer to help make the meal at Messiah or meet us at the local dining hall to dish it out with a welcoming smile. We need you and the community needs you. Come serve with us.

In January and February we are serving at

January 4 – Ronald McDonald House-lunch

January 15 -Y Family Center-dinner

January 25 – Faith on 8th-dinner

February 1 – Ronald McDonald House-lunch

February 1 – First English-dinner

February 18 – Hope Lutheran Church-breakfast

Contact the church office for more details at, or 614-866-4386

Renew Your Promise to God!

This Sunday, January 7, 2018 at all three services, everyone in our congregation will have an opportunity to come forward and renew their promises to God. We will do this with a meaningful ritual at the baptismal font. One by one, we will come to the front of the sanctuary, make our promise aloud, then with a splash of  holy water and words of assurance, hear God’s embrace of us again.

Start 2018 off with God at the center of your life. Come and worship and renew your promise to God.