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Following the Law

The text for this sermon is Romans 8:3-4

There are some who follow our speed limit laws to the letter and others that take them as mere suggestions. I actually am one of those who follows carefully the speed limit laws…but I always go five miles over if I can. Which is really pretty much following the law. I mean if I go exactly 70 on that stretch of highway between Columbus and Cleveland, I will be that loser that everyone is passing. I am just irritating people, that can’t be good. And really, what police officer is going to stop me for going 75 on a beautiful dry day. So, I consider going 75 in a 70 actually following the law. Continue reading Following the Law

Bold And Courageous Disciples

The text for this scripture is Matthew 10:24-39.

Jesus wants his disciples to do hard things, but knows that fear will keep them from doing those hard things. The hard things are telling people that the Kingdom of God that is drawing near in Jesus doesn’t look like the kingdom they are used to living in. Read Matthew 5 or Mary’s Magnificat in Luke 1. The Kingdom of God is an upside down place. The people at the head of the line in our world are sent to the back and the last are made first. Brothers and sisters in Christ are more important to us than blood brothers and blood sisters, even their own fathers and mothers. Those who serve are to be given more honor than the ones who can afford servants. I don’t have any problem preaching this, but it can be frightening to point out to people practical ways in our world we should be living this. Continue reading Bold And Courageous Disciples