2 thoughts on “All Saints 11-01-2020”

  1. Morning, just read the proposal for the new Joseph’s Coat re-location, I feel it’s a great idea, we would be going back to where this all started those many year’s ago, with no heat in the winter and no air in the summer, but we all worked through it and it grew by leap’s and bounds, there was such a need to reach out to our community to let them know that they could have “free” clean clothing and household good’s , and what a wonderful feeling it gave to us as workers and to the recipients receiving the items, they were so grateful that there was an organization out there that cared for the homeless, for the Grace of God this could be anyone of us, but as we grew we needed more space, and so we invested in going to a warehouse, and then to another, as time has gone by the price for rent is huge, so yes, I do believe that this would be a much better idea to have this come back home where it started, granted we would have to raise $$$, but by building our own facility we would be putting that money into our own facility, it sounds like a win, win to me, PLUS we would be in our community where it all started to help those in need. But I do have a concern with the additional traffic that Waggoner Road is going to generate with the upcoming new sub-division up the road, I wonder IF the city would put in an additional traffic light in front of or close by our facility, just a question and concern.
    Thanks, PS

    1. Hi Pat
      Thanks for the comments and thoughts. I appreciate your excitement about Joseph’s Coat coming home. To clarify, though, Joseph’s Coat would be solely responsible for raising money for the project, not Messiah. Our contribution would be to sell them the front two acres at a significant below market value of $50,000. We would also have some assurances of input on what they built and what it looked like, plus guaranteed positions on their board to maintain input to the leadership. We would have the right of first refusal if they needed to sell the building in some future date.
      I have no idea about a light on Waggoner or what the plans are for Waggoner. I have heard from city people that they are planning on widening Waggoner in the short term to alleviate traffic.

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